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Charbel Tamo is a world class professional hair stylist who has dedicated the past seventeen years of his life to furthering his profession and trade. His reputation in hair artistry was built upon his ability to create a custom tailored style that encompasses color, movement and texture to accentuate and emphasize each individual customer's facial features and style.

Charbel's journey in hair artistry began in Östrabogymnasiet School of Hair Art in Uddevalla, Sweden. From there, he successfully founded and managed the award-winning Hair Art Studio in Sweden. Already an accomplished practitioner of creative artistry in hair design, Charbel traveled through Europe, showcasing and honing his talent in many of Europe's most coveted hair shows in Italy, Paris, London, Norway, and Denmark.

He often dreamed of bringing his cutting edge blend of European trends and techniques to the United States and in Boston, Massachusetts where he decided to fulfill that dream.


Today, Charbel is the manager and proprietor of Tamö Salon in historic Boston, Massachusetts where he remains a sought after artisan and stylist. He enjoys a loyal following of thousands of Boston's elite who are a testament to his expertise, experience and talent.


Chabel Tamo remains a true visionary in color and style and specializes in the cutting techniques that he developed and mastered.

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